Polyester Plate

We produce in heights of 100 – 120 cm or in desired dimensions.
It can be manufactured with or without sheet fiber supported.
Molds with 120cm sheet metal vary between 70-75kg depending on the model.
Sheet metal mold body sheet thickness is 2mm.
120cm Sheetless fiber-supported molds vary between 55-62kg depending on the model and manufacturing method.
In sheet-free fiber-supported molds, reinforcement is made with fiberglass reinforcement from the back.
In both production forms;
The carrier frame is 40x40x4mm corner iron.
Conservatory supports are plasma cutting or (40×5-30×5) wiping blades.
Conservatory fixed or mobile production is carried out.
It provides easy installation with its pin wedge system.
We produce long-lasting molds thanks to quality workmanship and the use of correct materials in our molds.
In our molds, we design information such as company logo, name, telephone on the mold and make your advertisement on the concrete.

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